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The fact that Digital Transformation is a cultural process that relies on technological tools has been stated sufficiently in all contexts where the term is used. But what mobile technologies have been one of the tools that have enabled these processes to be accelerated and massified? It is a recognition that is frequently overlooked, but it cannot be avoided.

Mobile wave

When discussing mobile technologies, the average user’s (and possibly the most advanced) first thought is of the smartphone, which is the quintessential mobile device. You also take into account tablets, laptops, and, from time to time, an increasing number of Internet of Things devices. This is a rapidly growing trend that includes teams like w (simply put, ‘wearable technology’ such as smart watches and bands), health monitors, tracking devices, glasses that function as a multimedia station, and so on.

Although we are already accustomed to our cell phones ‘talking’ to our watches, smart light bulbs, and refrigerators that know when the milk is running low (even if there are still no supermarkets in the country that carry milk when the refrigerator launches the alert), the promise of all devices connected to each other at any time will transcend geographic boundaries, time constraints, and even paranoia, which manifests itself in privacy and security concerns.

Mobility and connectivity are the two factors that keep us connected even when we are separated

Clearly, connectivity is a concept that is inextricably linked to mobility. As a result, it would be unfair not to mention the telegraph and telephone eras when discussing the history of mobile technologies (invented by Antonio Meucci, although first patented by Alexander Graham Bell).

But true mobility began to manifest itself when all devices began to lose physical connections and users began to see themselves surrounded by waves that circulate in all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum; we walk in the middle of them even if we don’t see them, and they are the ones that allow us to answer a call on the bus – as long as it is safe to do so, of course -, and watch the Colombia team play in any country in the world thanks to the transmission.

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